Christopher vanUlzen

Christopher vanUlzen

Christopher vanUlzen

Landscape Architect

A full time landscape architect and Graduate of QUT in 2020, Chris has 3 years’ experience working with the VEE design team, bolstered by his previous hands-on experience in the construction industry. Since graduating, Chris has been recognised for both technical and graphical excellence in practice.


A passionate and energetic designer first and foremost, he excels in communicating ideas whether vocally, graphically or written and feels most at home when working with people. Often typified by his peers as an extroverted and vocal designer, Chris is also an accomplished technical designer who can follow through on his larger than life ideas with detail and clarity in documentation. These passions for big ideas and the underlying human experiences behind design were a prominent feature in his student projects, something that persists in his work at Vee Design.

When visioning space, Chris imagines immersive, textural spaces that stimulate the imagination and heighten the human experience. His design style is focused on building this experience through qualitative use of atmosphere and alternative perspectives while seeing big picture planning and land use through the lens of research, logic and philosophy.

As a tech native, long time artist and graphic communicator, Chris has been recognized as a natural artistic talent as he often assists in the visual polish, style and packaging of various projects across the firm. Thinking of the future, he hopes to cut his teeth on current large scale projects, learning the long term art of project and client management.