Discovery Park, Northshore

Children love parks they emotionally connect with

Children love parks they emotionally connect with

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  • Project Discovery Park, Northshore
  • Client Stockland,
  • Location Townsville - QLD

Some of the greatest parks are those that the community can connect with. Building on the village name of “Discovery”, a pirate ship identity was a no-brainer for this park, and the local kids love it! Discovery Park is a fun local park in North Shore’s Discovery Village. The park features a large ‘Pirate Ship’ play feature-complete with shelter, mast and pirate flag, treasure map imprinted on the pavement, and a ‘walk the plank’ element.

Nestled to one side of the ship is a variety of play elements. The park also features an informal cricket pitch, for ‘backyard rules’ cricket. This park also includes a drainage swale to one side, which feeds into the Green Spine opens space corridor. Discovery Park was completed in early 2014.

“This park is more about an adventure of the imagination rather then bulky equipment, perfect for parties”

TOWNSVILLE KIDS online community parks review

According to a Market Research Survey conducted by Stockland in January 2015, “Discovery Park in North Shore was chosen as the participant’s children’s favourite park. Mostly because it has the right equipment and facilities and a theme that children love. The most important criteria for children to love a park is, lots of variety and activities.”

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