We are a motivated but relaxed bunch of people, we don’t wear suits, but when we do, they have capes

Our clients share in our visions

we love to work with

Progressive Developers

Leaders in the development industry, big or small, who are wanting to make a difference and leave a lasting legacy.

Passionate Government Authorities

Government representatives that have unrelenting belief that the wellbeing of our communities outweighs any political agenda.

Energetic Communities

People who live in the trenches, those willing to get their hands dirty for the cause and are driven by doing good for others.

Other Inspired Consultants

Our allied professionals that believe in collaborative outcomes and who share in our purpose

Our Team

David Hatherly


Trish Menzies

Director (Sunshine Coast)

Kirsten Spresser

Admin Assistant

Dean Bridge

Associate Landscape Architect

Luke Micali

Associate Landscape Architect

Amy Webb

Senior Landscape Architect

Gareth Eagle

Consulting Construction Manager

Matthew Carleton

Senior Landscape Architect

People will never know how a place was designed, people will rarely know who designed it, but people will always remember how it made them feel.

David Hatherly Director

Abigail Joustra

Senior Landscape Architect

Benn Reason

Senior Landscape Architect

Holly Peacock

Landscape Architect

Alex Robinson

Landscape Architect

Micheal Jones

Landscape Architect

Maddi Gray

Branding & Communications Manager

Owen Cafe

Landscape Architect

Christopher Vanulzen

Student Landscape Architect

great design comes from exploring and testing all possibilities

Our purpose is simple, yet powerful.


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