Wuxi Li Lake Parklands

Allowing visitors to truly connect culturally

Allowing visitors to truly connect culturally

  • Project Wuxi Li Lake Parklands
  • Client Wuxi City,
  • Location Wuxi, China

Li Lake is important to the form and culture of Wuxi and Li Lake New City. The lake itself is the single most important element that influences the form and function of the city, giving Wuxi a strong and unique urban identity. Therefore, in order to express the importance of Li Lake, Vee Design’s vision for the park was based on the utilisation of the very intrinsic characteristics of the lake itself as the generator for placemaking design outcomes.

This was a simplistic, yet creative concept idea that expressed the natural and cultural characteristics of Li Lake within the form and fabric of the park. This notion will establish a park that is creative in form, and unique to Wuxi and Li Lake New City.

The design features an engaging program and a wide range of interesting spaces and facilities suitable for a wide range of visitors. A major feature of the design is a landmark district level gateway structure which is representative of local fishing nets.

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